Friday, December 9, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to put on Latex Clothing

Another Whiteout Rubber tutorial :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Thank you, Invincible Rubber; thank you very much...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Last weekend was relatively calm compared to the previous one, however still a pile of fun.

Friday night, Wardog was over for a brief session. He left me riled up so I ended up playing with toys by myself until 2:30 or so...along with condom breathplay, tubing and tight collars...

Saturday I got up and got stuff collected for the Vancouver Rubbermen Jingle Balls meet and Xmas party at Pumpjack. We ended up having a lot of fun, we got one of the rubbermen mummified in pallet wrap and duct tape which was appreciated by the mob.

Afterwards I went home for awhile, peeled off my rubber, got ready to go out for a friend's birthday party. It was a late night....I didn't feel very well Sunday morning but got up for our noon curling game which we ended up winning.

Came home, napped, talked to Xivenge™....he wasn't feeling up to playing, so we went out for food and drink and rescheduled our next rubber playdate to this Friday. I will be working from home that day so I'm encouraging him to come over early so I can wrap him up tightly in rubber immobilized while I finish work, then get him into the sling later on. I want him over early as I can't keep him too late because Mr. P and I have to go over to Vancouver Island on Saturday for family matters, then I have to be back on Sunday again.

In other great news, I have a new boy SCS who wants to commence fist training so he's coming over Thursday for his first session and hopefully will become a Thursday regular. I met him on Scruff when he caught my eye wearing spandex gear. I have asked him to wear more when he comes over on Thursday. Very sexy, ample butt, I am looking forward to this....

Gay #Memes

Of all the shit that we are deliberating and wringing our hands about on the Internet, memes are one of the best things the Internet has provided. These are sooo funny!


Doomsday (2008) by Neil Marshall has a rubber gimp who is the personal assistance of Sol and Viper. As per most cinematic interpretations of fetish folks, he is anonymous and depraved, and ends up dying head-first in a beautiful crash and explosion.

Rubber gimp is as rubber gimp long as they don't mainstream us, I'm fine with being on the bad team haha

Wearing rubber for 25 years...gotta smell delightful!

Short-lived once the car chase starts but the gimp gets his moment in the sun...then the fiery explosion haha
I hope that's the job I get in the post-apocalyptic world - A HOOD ORNAMENT - that provides sexual favors, I hope?!

B & S

Another beautiful bearded specimen in spandex. Woof.

Gingery Goodness

Recon's new Core Rubber line worn by Leander.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Barcelona Rubbermen

The new Barcelona Rubbermen logo is complete, and it's WONDERFUL! The bats are awesome :D
..and the men themselves are a whole bunch of shiny yum.