Thursday, February 15, 2018

RubnGum's Fuck Machine

Edited version showed up on Twitter today:

Dmitrii's Latest

The newest style from Dmitrii Dmitryiv's (Rubberboy) RBRO Fetish Line (Rubber Bro Fetish Wear) are the National Suits. Here is the Soviet one he just completed for a customer. Amazing work! This guy is a force: designer, illustrator, and rubber perv. All the things. All the right things. :)
Rubberboy! :)

Well done, very sexy suit made and worn by very sexy guys!!!

Here is some more of Dmitrii's excellent and talented work:

Super Tight

I may have posted a couple of these pics before. I have not forgotten the fit of these latex suits on their wearers. What I find hilarious is the look on the man's face in the background of the third pic! LOL

The Lugers

As always, enjoying the men's double luge event from Pyeongchang. A sight to behold those young fit men in their skintight speedsuits and aero equipment.....lugers must truly be insane.

"I'm gonna slide down this hill on this little fibreglass sled at 120kph"
"Mind if I join you?"

Holy christ, Mr. Mazdzer!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VD Gift

Yes, this gift teddy bear in a balloon for Valentine's Day is supposed to have the balloon shell removed by the recipient, resulting in a glitter bomb, but honestly, I'd be more prone to keep the poor sod in his latex sarcophagus, maybe even struggling for air a little bit?! LOL

Studiogum Redux

Ahhh, more guys are getting the Studiogum Anatomical Hood. It's driving me crazy! What's taking me so long to get my order in to Studiogum?

I have wanted to try one on beforehand to ensure proper sizing....this one looks like it needs to fit like a glove in order for everything to sit in its proper place once put on and adjusted. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to best handle this sexy equipment?

Luge Bulges on Buzzfeed

A bit of a laugh and an eyeroll today as you read the comments and outrage on Julie Gerstein's silly article on Luge Bulges in Buzzfeed on Monday. You'd think they'd shown something ugly or something.

Oh, and here's a skeleton ass to boot....

Monday, February 12, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hard Life

Wubble Bubble

Trust gay rubbermen to find innocent products that can easily become pervertibles....